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Where to buy your Christmas Presents?



It’s going to be chilli this winter.

Wake up to the wonder of chillies as Xmas gifts. Whether you’re looking for main presents or stocking fillers, they make truly original gifts.

Maybe you want a present for a chilli head?We have plenty of products that will allow them to show off their chilli eating prowess from the hottest sauces like Carolina Reaper to the world’s hottest chilli chocolate.

We have stocking fillers aplenty for every level of chilli taste, including jellies, sweets, jams, pickles, nuts, popcorn,  and chilli mugs to name but a few.

For the cook in the family we have a versatile range of dried, flaked and powdered chillies from mild to wild in heat levels. Cooks love our cooking oils which include avocado and chipotle.

For a Xmas tipple, it doesn’t get more exciting than our chilli beers, ciders, rum, bourbon and vodka.

New this Christmas are our fantastic gift boxes. We have packaged them to suit every taste and budget. They contain a great mix of sauces and snacks. We are especially delighted to offer a gift box containing the new sauces we’ve had made for us – chipotle, smoked bonnet and aji lime.

You can even adorn your tree with our lovely chilli lights.

So be original this year and give your loved ones the heavenly heat they deserve.

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